New integration: AI tagging with iMatrics


Integrations are a WoodWing superpower. That is why we are delighted to announce a new integration with AI tagging company iMatrics

How iMatrics works

iMatrics' solution automatically checks your articles for fitting tags and prepares it for publishing on the web. As you write, it generates the correct metadata, such as categories, topics, and entities, in the background, offering the most relevant tags to optimize contextualization. This has a number of benefits. It improves SEO, drives better referrals, increases your reach, and gives you the ability to automate related content and offer tailored readership experiences to your audience. It is also available in a number of languages. 


iMatrics and WoodWing 

The integration between WoodWing Studio and iMatrics empowers you to use iMatrics directly in your content production solution. Users can choose which of iMatrics’ automatically generated tags they feel are most relevant. Content can easily be linked to related articles, helping you to save time avoiding manual tagging and improve the readers' experience on your website. You can get a preview of how the solution works in Studio in the video below. 


Use cases

iMatrics partners with a number of publishers as part of their drive to digital transformation. There are a number of different potential ways to use the technology, such as enabling customized news feeds for viewers or subscribers, or regaining control over historical content by automatically tagging years or even decades worth of articles, which can then be reused. 


How our integrations fit into Content Orchestration

Integrations are a key way for many of our customers to unlock competitive advantages, whether that be around speed-to-market, efficiency, the ability to find and reuse assets, or any number of other areas. In fact, we see integrations as a key element of Content Orchestration - an approach in which the goal is for people and tools work seamlessly together to plan, create, manage, and distribute content. Due to this we put a lot of focus on building integrations that provide the greatest possible value for our customers. You can see a comprehensive list of our integrations, including solutions for AI image tagging, SEO, and workflow management, here on our integrations page.


About iMatrics

iMatrics developed their semantic AI solution from scratch using the latest research in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and AI, in close collaboration with media companies to ensure a perfect fit. Furthermore, iMatrics' portfolio includes services such as content identification, recommendations, data analysis reports, and all services can be tailored to customers’ specific needs.




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