New research: The state of brand storytelling


What kinds of technology are brands using to create their stories? How do they manage their workflows? And how do they feel about both these challenges?

These are a few of the key questions we set out to answer in our new research in collaboration with Digiday - a publication that covers the technological disruption of the media and marketing industries globally. We surveyed over 100 industry pros across brands, agencies, and publishers’ content studios, and interviewed marketers, agency pros, and consultants to find out what is really going on with brand storytelling. 

Among a number of other questions, we also investigated:

  • What kinds of tools brands are currently using - and what kinds they plan on using.
  • How industry pros feel about their current content reuse practices.
  • Changes that could improve storytelling - ranking factors including new content or asset management tools, new agencies, changing workflows, and more. 

A few of the key findings:

Marketers feel technology has a positive impact on storytelling quality, and marketers at larger organizations even more so

It’s clear from our research that marketers believe workflows and tooling are directly connected to the actual quality of their brand stories. And larger organizations are even more likely to agree with this. This may well be because larger organizations feel a greater dependency on these tools in the first place.



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Workflow and technology are considered more important than team size

Quality of content creators, time, and budget are considered the crucial factors to brand storytelling success - but technology and workflows are considered very important by a majority of marketers. Interestingly enough, workflow and technology were cited as even more important factors than the size of the content creation team. 30 percent called this somewhat important, and only 4 percent called it very important.




A hefty majority of marketers say their brand’s storytelling could stand to improve

On the whole, marketers weren’t entirely negative about their storytelling, but they were unenthusiastic. Only 20 percent said their brand’s storytelling was already sufficiently high-quality. This leaves plenty of room to improve, and our research uncovered some areas in which industry pros are looking to take their storytelling to the next level. 



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