New ways to customize Elvis with release 5.15


Update in a nutshell – we’ve been hard at work and we’re excited to announce the release of Elvis version 5.15. This release brings the following features to Elvis users: 

  1. Plugin integration that levels the playing field between the Desktop and Web Clients
  2. A redesigned, brand-enhancing interface for users downloading or reviewing assets via share links


Plugin integration for web clients is just one part of Elvis release 5.15′s exciting new feature set. 


Plugin integration opens new opportunities for web-clients

In order for you to get the most out of Elvis on-premise it must be tailored to your specific needs - that’s exactly why the system architecture has been designed as an open platform.

This gives all users have the opportunity to integrate Elvis with the software that’s already integral to their business. It also provides plenty of opportunity for customers to enhance existing Elvis features, ensuring they can always meet new business requirements.

And how do we make these integrations and enhancements happen? The humble, but mighty plugin.  

Plugins have been integral to Elvis’ evolution. So much so, we’ve actually got a bank of sample plugins ready to use within our Help Center. But whilst plugin integration has been readily available for desktop-clients, this release sees the roll-out of integration with the newer Pro Client and Brand Portal too.

What’s more, any existing plugin that works with the desktop client will be fully compatible with the web-clients too - no re-engineering necessary!

The opportunities for customization of the Elvis platform through plugin integrations are endless, but here are some great examples that customers around the globe are already using:  

  • Publish directly to any digital channel
    Whether it’s your CMS or a social media platform, plugins can automate publishing processes - saving you valuable time and resource
  • Batch renaming processes
    File-names are incredibly important when it comes to searching for assets. If you’ve uploaded a group of assets and realise they need a new naming convention, a simple plugin can easily prevent a lengthy manual process
  • Asset usage reports 
    Visual reports can be help make monitoring large numbers of assets much easier. By integrating one simple plugin, you can check what’s working (and perhaps more importantly, what isn’t) at a glance. Find your free usage report within our sample plugin set


One of the free plugins available as part of our sample-set allows you to view geo-tagged assets via Google Maps.

The time has come to expand the capabilities for desktop and web-client users! Please feel free to drop us a line with any custom enhancement suggestions, it’s always great to hear how Elvis is being used to meet our customer’s needs.


Sharing assets with Elvis just got slicker

The second part of our customization update for Elvis is a revamped interface for users receiving assets. Not only does this make it easier to use, it also boosts brand consistency.


The new interface makes it easier to maintain brand consistency when sharing assets with collaborators.


Designed with the end-user in mind we’ve optimized Share Client’s interface, making it as simple to use as it is nice to look at. It’s been tested & approved by Elvis cloud users already and with release 5.15 it’s available for on-premise users too.

And if you’ve skinned your Elvis platform with your brand assets - like your logo and colour scheme, the interface will also automatically apply this styling to your share link. So whether you’re working with internal stakeholders, external collaborators or international partners, you can easily build familiarity, trust and professionalism with a consistent visual identity.

That’s not just good for your ‘brand’, it’s good business-sense too.

If you haven’t already skinned your Elvis platform, the reasons to do so have just doubled. Check out the Help Center to find out more and start customizing today.

Jaap van Blaaderen, Software Integration Architect

Jaap is one of the co-creators of Elvis DAM - now WoodWing Assets, and has been working in the DAM industry for more than 15 years. His current job (or should we say hobby?) is to create integrations between WoodWing products and other software solutions. Jaap loves to run, try new beers and beat his colleagues at ping pong.