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Often we get questions at WoodWing about a content creation workflow that involves taking print stories from an InDesign layout and transferring them to digital. So is workflow efficiency possible regardless of how you work? And is this possible using Enterprise Aurora?

The good news is, yes it is!

If you typically publish to print before digital, or you want to reuse some of your previously created print content on your digital channels, then we can show you the way using Enterprise Aurora.


What is Enterprise Aurora?

It is our previous Enterprise content creation system, plus more! You can continue to work in Enterprise’s Content Station, InDesign and/or InCopy, as you did previously, with the same collaboration and print editing tools. However now, with the Aurora version, there is an additional editor where you can manage and publish all of your digital stories as well.


So what does a print before digital workflow look like?

An example of a basic workflow starts out in an InDesign layout, and the content typically gets reviewed before being published. After review there is the option to, not only publish your print copy, but also use that same content on your digital channels. 

This content from your print layout in InDesign is structured into text and graphic frames. With the help of a WoodWing plugin, these text and graphic frames can all be automatically converted and placed into the Content Station editor. In the editor some tweaking is usually required - like ordering the components or changing the styling - before publishing the content to one of your digital channels. Digital channels that you can instantly publish to include your WebCMS, apps or social channels like Apple News.


Print to digital workflow example, using Enterprise Aurora



This is just one of the many workflow schemes that we support with Enterprise Aurora


Now watch the demonstration of how to transfer your print content to the digital editor in Aurora’s Content Station, and publish it to digital in no time.



If you are curious to learn more about Enterprise Aurora or would like to request a free demonstration, contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.


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