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Faster content production and responsive stories

Create impressive content in minutes and publish to any platform or device.

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Advertising and creative agencies choose Inception to stay ahead of the crowd


Efficient content creation

Create your stories once and publish them to multiple digital channels.


Any platform, any device

Content created with Inception is not limited to a single platform or device. You have full control over where to publish your content.


Cloud based

Inception is a cloud-based SaaS solution: work on your content anywhere, anytime with no need to install software.


Content consistency

Use style sheets and templates to ensure your clients' consistent corporate identity. 

Serve your clients faster with interactive content on multiple devices

Content created for multiple digital channels is often inconsistent and the process time consuming and challenging. Creating separate templates and interactive content for multiple devices takes too much time and slows down the publishing process for your clients.

Inception enables agencies to create interactive content that looks amazing on any device in just minutes. Save time and money by producing content more efficiently and offer clients a shorter time to market. Put your effort into what really counts: the message itself.

Key benefits for creative agencies

  • Fast and efficient content creation to shorten time to market
  • Flexible content distribution to any platform or device
  • Just log in to create and publish content anywhere, anytime, in the cloud
  • Maintain a consistent corporate identity by using style sheets
  • No need to install or maintain hardware or software


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