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Brand consistency through all your digital channels

Create beautiful content that consistently represents your branded story on any device or platform.

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Marketers choose Inception to stay ahead of the crowd


Empower sales

Empower your sales team with compelling and coherent stories on tablets or mobile phones.


Any platform, any device

Push your message further by creating it just once before publishing to any platform or device. 


Easy to use

WYSIWYG interface eliminates training needs. We also offer one-time template creation directly or via our partners.


Customized templates

Create templates and styles in your brand identity, and easily reuse them for a consistent look & feel on any device.


Distribute your digital content to any channel

With so many devices and platforms around, marketers constantly have to find effective ways to present their brand stories across all relevant channels.

Inception elevates your brand storytelling to a new level. It enables you to bring great looking interactive content alive on any device. To create impressive content on the fly and without needing any design skills.

Use Inception to create HTML5 content for websites, sales materials, emails, intranets and more.

Key benefits for marketers

  • Brand consistency of your interactive, responsive stories.
  • Publish your articles to any device or platform.
  • Enable the marketing team to create immersive content on the fly.
  • Interactive sales materials on any mobile device.
  • WYSIWYG interface means no training required.
  • Cloud-based means no hardware or software installations to maintain.


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