On-Demand Webinar: The fastest way to produce perfectly accurate catalogs

Time is always the greatest challenge when working within ongoing catalog production cycles. 
In this short webinar demo, we look at how by integrating Elvis DAM with EasyCatalog you can:

  • Reduce human error caused by manual processes
  • Speed up production time

Discover how you can create, approve and store your content and product data within Elvis DAM. Then, seamlessly connect to EasyCatalog and produce your catalog in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing accuracy. 

See for yourself how multi-page leaflets and catalogs can be produced in a matter of minutes in this on-demand webinar! 

What you’ll discover 

  • How to produce catalogs ten times faster(!) with greater accuracy 
  • See how the tools enable the creation of individual product leaflets and full catalog layouts containing accurate product data in just a few minutes
  • Brief product explanation and demonstration, all in under 30 minutes

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