Elvis DAM Webinar - Winning in Journalism

Winning in Journalism

Build visual stories faster with Elvis DAM & Enterprise - aided by AI and Crowdsourcing

To win the battle for the reader’s attention, publishers need to be quick in bringing visually attractive news to the reader. Research shows once your readers are interested in your content, visually strong stories can enhance reader loyalty and improve your news brand’s credibility. 

In this free 30-minute webinar we’ll show you how Elvis DAM helps journalists find the right visuals faster. How? By automatically ingesting crowdsourced visuals and enriching these with auto-tagging, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, building your visually attractive article is a breeze with Enterprise Aurora!


DATE: March 27, 2018



In the webinar you’ll discover:

  • How visual storytelling can help you to attract and retain readers
  • How Elvis DAM automatically ingests images from social media based on hashtags
  • How AI-powered auto-tagging can help you find the right images much faster
  • How you can create visually attractive stories quickly with Enterprise Aurora.

Elvis DAM is powerful and scalable Digital Asset Management Software. Trusted by world renowned publishers like TIME inc, Hearst and Bauer Media, Elvis helps create digital image content faster, while managing exponentially-growing digital archives.






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Bastiaan Born, Business Development Manager Elvis DAM

bastiaan-born-200.pngBastiaan co-created Elvis DAM with a team of developers in 2008. As Business Development Manager, he works on technology partnerships for Elvis DAM, benefiting from his deep knowledge of the market and technology.


Jaap van Blaaderen, Software Integration Architect

jaap-van-blaaderen-200.pngJaap is also one of the co-creators of Elvis DAM and has been working in the DAM industry for more than 15 years. His current job is to create integrations between WoodWing products and other software solutions.