Avoiding Content Marketing Scale Failure

How a smart Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy helps content marketers scale their efforts across multiple departments, regions and channels.


Content marketing, and the process of creating valuable content-driven experiences for customers, has become a core piece of successful marketing. Forrester's CMO Victor Mulligan said in his recent article, that today's most important agenda of a CMO is developing:

Consistent, high-quality, and personalized experiences across both human and digital touch points. The need to differentiate on the basis of experience is really what drives the deep-rooted operational changes below the visibility line.

There's a fundamental shift needed in how marketing operates today. Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of Content Marketing Institute, shared in this white paper "Avoiding Content Marketing Scale Failure", the three overriding equations that help content marketers scale their efforts:

  • Teamwork: content marketing processes 
  • Findability: ability to locate rich media assets easily
  • Brand consistency: centralizing creative assets repositories     

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