Making the Case for Digital Asset Management in Retail

Using technology to manage digital assets effectively


Retailers of all sizes typically have to deal with enormous numbers of product images, videos and other media files. But how do they manage these digital assets? How strong is their awareness of the benefits of digital asset management (DAM) in doing so? How well do they understand what DAM is and does?

The consulting firm Ovum surveyed 250 retailers in the US and UK to get insights into retailers’ current practices and attitudes towards the management of digital assets.

Most retailers think they understand what DAM is and believe they have deployed DAM. The reality is different, as the majority wastes hours each week searching for files. – Sue Clarke, Senior Analyst Information Management, Ovum

The results are now available in the form of a report 'Making the case for digital asset management in retail'. It sheds light on:

  • The issues facing retailers in creating content for multiple channels
  • The major digital asset management pain points retailers face
  • The importance of integrating DAM with other business systems
  • The need to be able to deliver digital assets to mobile devices
  • Retailers’ understanding of DAM in the cloud

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