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Driving the future of content creation

Speed up your entire content creation process

Creating amazing content in the most efficient way is essential to compete in the online world. Allow your team to go from idea to publication in the fastest possible time, minimizing frustrations and streamlining the whole process from beginning to end.

Enterprise Aurora benefits an array of organizations and teams. From universities through to media companies, and book publishers to corporate brands; any team involved in content creation will benefit from Enterprise Aurora’s smart solutions. With workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Aurora is driving the future of content creation.


Experience your greatest efficiency yet

Mundane and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past with a sophisticated workflow system that streamlines the content creation process. Increase your efficiency while producing the best quality.

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A collaborative approach

Worldwide teams collaborate and communicate in one simple system. Improve content consistency, while increasing your production progress visibility.

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Content creation for every channel

With a channel-neutral approach, produce variants of any existing article, story or report. Easily adapt or tweak your content to publish on any print or digital channel.

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A way of working for every organization

Whether your team is collaborating on stories for both print and digital, or is solely focused on developing content for online, Enterprise’s flexibility offers an endless amount of workflow possibilities.

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Adjust to meet your business needs

Every business has unique needs and you deserve a solution that will flex to meet yours. With system extensions and custom integrations, Enterprise fits into any organization.



Slick management of your digital assets

Combine the power of Enterprise with Elvis DAM, to further streamline your creative operations with efficient storing, managing and retrieval of your digital assets.

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Integration with Adobe InDesign and InCopy

Continue using your current tools and layouts, with our Smart Connection plug-in that directly links the Enterprise system to your Adobe InDesign or InCopy application. 



Used by a variety of departments

Enterprise is used by magazine, newspaper and book publishers, marketing departments, advertising and media agencies, and corporate organizations to develop everything from online articles to printed financial reports.

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A future-proof system

Designed with the future in mind, for the next generation of content creation. Share, reuse and re-purpose your content across all brands and channels, using the latest in publishing software technology.

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Continued Support

With a global network of experienced partners and 24 hour online support, help is always there when you need it.

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Deployment Options



Install Enterprise on your local server if you need maximum flexibility with setup, greater customization or to meet compliance requirements.

Private cloud

Setup to run in your own private cloud if you require the security, compliance and customization of on-premise, without having to maintain your own server infrastructure.

Hosted private cloud

For smaller editorial teams that are looking for a solution that is ready for immediate use, a hosted private cloud solution could be the ideal solution.

Worldwide leading publishers, agencies and corporations choose Enterprise

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