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A more advanced digital and print publishing process

Top editorial teams worldwide collaborate and create with Enterprise.
So what's WoodWing developing to drive the future of content creation?

Reusable content

Create structured content that you can re-use on any print and digital channel

Remote contribution

Provide remote contributors access to an interface that visually displays the story as it is being developed

Highly automated

Choose your level of automation. Autofill your InDesign templates and instantly produce responsive HTML5 content


Tired of continuously creating content for each of your channels?

The publishing challenge

With the rapid-pace of developments in communication technology, publishers and marketers realize the need to adapt to stay ahead of the game.

Audiences demand the best quality articles, on any device, and available to consume how they want and when they want. And this trend is set to continue.

Without implementing change in current business processes, publishers are forced to either reduce their content quality or increase their output costs.

So how to produce amazing content in the most efficient way and stay ahead of the game?



A future-proof solution

WoodWing is developing a leading-edge system that automates content creation and allows for re-use across any channel.

A content-first approach
With the new Content Station in Enterprise, content professionals create their stories with structure allowing for ultimate flexibility during the publishing process.

Automating production
Regardless of your content creation approach, because all content is structured, it is simple to automate production.

Create story variants 
Easily create variants of the story, and tweak each variant’s content to suit the print or digital channel.

Future-proof your process
Using the latest HTML5 technology, all digital content created in the new Content Station is responsive for publishing on any device.

Re-use your content
Find new ways to use and monitize your stories with a system that allows for easy story adaption, regardless of design.

How efficient is your content workflow?

Changing the flow of work

Re-think your current workflow
Do you currently have multiple teams working on similar stories? Or maybe your list of external contributors continues to grow? With the new Enterprise Content Station, you develop your content first and adjust for channels later.

A neutral workflow approach
Instead of having separate teams developing the same story for digital and print (or your other publications), collect content in one system and have each team produce variants of the story for use across their designated platforms.

A tried and tested system
We work with the top editorial publishers and marketing agencies around the world to develop solutions to their daily problems.



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