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Create content for every platform with a smart workflow solution

With features that promote team collaboration, fast production and efficient workflows, Studio takes the heavy lifting out of content creation. Optimize your content for print, mobile, social and the web all within one system.

Speed and Efficiency



From video files for digital, to Adobe InDesign layouts for print, all content related to a story is stored and managed in one centralized location.


Streamlined workflow

Bottlenecks are a thing of the past with predefined workflows, controlled access rights and automated tasks.


Template-based automation

For the most efficient multichannel media creation yet, automatically place your chosen content onto templates and layouts.


Creating a story for your publication is easy with this streamlined approach. Your team works in virtual Dossiers to organize all content, files and articles for each of their stories. Search for files, set the properties, add annotations and notes, browse via bookmarks or share a Dossier’s link to speed up the entire content creation process.


Streamlined workflow

By predefining a workflow, many internal and external contributors can work on publications simultaneously and with utmost efficiency. Files are sent for editing or reviewing, with notifications showing up in the user’s WoodWing Studio Inbox. Colour highlights of content on the layout indicate how the publication is progressing, and tasks are automated to reduce manual labor.

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Template-based automation

Create print articles from your digital content in a flash, with autofill options for your Adobe InDesign layout and image prioritization for speeding up manual selection and uploading tasks. Instantly produce responsive digital articles that look outstanding on any device.


Team Collaboration



With inbox notifications, dossier annotations and sticky notes, teams communicate and collaborate in one simple, yet powerful, system.


Publication overview

All print publication layouts can be viewed, with their workflow status assigned, for instant information of areas that require attention.


Remote contribution

Teams all over the world work together with dynamic editing capabilities and real-time content creation.


Used by editorial and creative teams worldwide to improve remote collaboration, WoodWing Studio allows sending and receiving of messages, reviewing tasks and requesting of content to be reviewed. Add annotations to Dossiers for a clear understanding of projects or attach sticky notes to print layouts for a visual communication approach.


Publication Overview

The Publication Overview keeps teams on the same page, with instant information on how an article or publication is progressing. Set deadlines, track progress and keep your team aligned, all the while stakeholders have visibility on the project at hand.


Remote contribution

In a world where teams are located in one or many different locations, editing content and articles dynamically, while seeing changes in real-time are a necessity to remain efficient and produce the best possible content, articles and publications. With access anytime, anywhere, leading global companies are bringing their teams together with WoodWing Studio.


All New Content Creation


Structure from the start

Reuse or republish stories to any channel easily and efficiently with a system that applies inherent structure from the start.


Visual creation

For a completely visual content creation experience, see your articles automatically update as you create for print, mobile, tablet and the web.


Responsive articles

Take the pain out of publishing to digital channels with responsive HTML5 technology that automatically adjusts your story to fit any device.

Structure from the start

In WoodWing Studio's editor, content is created with structured components (titles, text, images, videos etc.) to allow for easy reuse across any channel (digital and print) or sharing among brands. In one click develop variants of the same story and quickly apply channel-specific tweaks, then instantly publish to your additional channel.


Visual creation

With an instant preview that is updated in real-time to show exactly how the article will look when printed or published onto a digital device, creating content is now a completely visual experience. Take the guesswork out of content design with features that include an overset/underset indicator for text on print, and focal point features that auto-adjusts images for digital.


Responsive articles

Turn your single-channel team into multichannel experts, with a workflow publishing system that takes the hard work out of digital content creation. Using the latest in HTML5 technology, structured content instantly becomes a beautifully designed digital article that looks good on any device.


A Future-proof Solution


Version control

Ensure quality, consistency and best practice with a publishing workflow system that tracks all changes.


Access anywhere, anytime

Manage the creative process from any device, anywhere, anytime, through a simple internet browser connection.


Modern technology

Designed with the future in mind, for the next generation of storytelling.

Version control

Version control is essential for efficient content creation and quality control. Manage all variations of the one article, story or report with ease, by reverting back to previous versions when needed or identifying changes made.


Access anywhere, anytime

With access to WoodWing Studio from any web browser, editorial and creative teams continue working wherever they may be in the world.


Modern technology

Created with the latest in programming language and technology, leading global publishing, marketing and corporate teams choose WoodWing due to its unrivaled nature of being ahead of the crowd.  


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