The secret to publishing fast


The secret to
publishing fast

Combine the power of WoodWing Studio
and WoodWing Assets

An unbeatable combo for multichannel content production and syndication

Whether you’re a publisher or brand, you want to publish stories that stand apart. These original, expert stories deserve a wide readership and timeous publication.

But despite all the progress you’ve made over the years as an organization, you might still be falling short in modernizing your workflow processes to get this done. That doesn't mean that you have to substantially expand your organization, it simply means getting the right software to help you get the job done faster.


WoodWing Software helps editorial and creative teams take advantage of today’s changing media landscape, by providing them with the right software to publish content faster. Trusted by companies like Time Inc, Bauer and Aller Media – we support the ambitions of brands, newsrooms and publishers to grow at a stronger pace.

Trusted globally by brands and publishers

WoodWing Studio with WoodWing Assets

WoodWing offers the ultimate solution for content production and publishing, by combining our WoodWing Assets (Digital Asset Management, formerly called Elvis DAM) software with our Multichannel Content Creation solution WoodWing Studio (formerly called Enterprise Aurora).

While WoodWing Assets supports in storing, managing and retrieving an unlimited number of digital assets, WoodWing Studio streamlines your complete content production and publishing process.

Using the two systems together, both digital (website, apps, social media) and print content production are sped up and simplified. 


The combined solution helps to:

  • Achieve seamless team collaboration. Everyone – either internal or external – is working in one integrated editorial and picture desk workflow solution.
  • Have easy, quick access to all your digital assets, company wide.
  • Never lose your work – automatically create new versions of images and other content.
  • Automatically archive full stories and easily retrieve them for re-publishing and re-monetization later in time.
  • Prevent errors by tracking image usage across different channels.
  • Control copyright management and licensing centrally.

Bring your teams together with one integrated editorial workflow solution

Your publishing process will be sped up in many ways, here's how:

  • With all active users and content centralized, you can finally achieve effective team collaboration, across departments, brands and regions.
  • You will never lose important work again. New versions of files and images are created automatically when making edits or doing touch-ups.
  • Due to a clear workflow while creating content, duplicate work or forgotten steps are a thing of the past.
  • Changes to assets are automatically saved and updated throughout the publishing system.

Use powerful search for quick and easy access

WoodWing Assets has close to 500 different metadata fields by which digital assets can be saved and searched. This, along with taxonomies and the built-in search functionality, helps users to quickly find the right content for the stories they create in WoodWing Studio.


Metadata fields available include:

  • Approval status: state and comment
  • Publication information: name, volume, edition, publication date
  • Rights: copyright, usage rights, license ID
  • Used for production: archived from WoodWing Studio, placed on page, channel
  • Version: version comment, version number, source version.

WoodWing Assets can also be integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, to automatically tag incoming asset streams as well as your existing archive. Imagine all the manual labor that you can get rid of by this alone.

More on AI with WoodWing's DAM solution

Archive your content for reuse and make more money

A lot of time, effort, and money go into crafting great content. When building your stories in WoodWing Studio, final versions can be archived either manually or automatically. Because all layouts, articles, images, other assets, as well as their relations, are stored in WoodWing Assets, users can quickly retrieve content for reuse and republishing. This way, you can monetize the same content multiple times.

It helps to:

  • Quickly find and reuse the assets you’re looking for, no matter how old or new
  • Eliminate teams from recreating or repurchasing existing digital assets
  • Publish great content faster and increase its lifetime value.

Track your image usage 

Usage information of digital assets (like images) in WoodWing Studio is stored in WoodWing Assets. This information is of great value when gathering content and images for publication.


Usage information helps you to monitor:

  • Which channels an image is used on
  • When the wrong image is being used
  • Images are being shown in a channel too often 
  • ‘Same day’ duplicate content
  • View and download count.

And because you now have full control and insights in where content and images have been published, you are able to reuse content efficiently and safely across multiple publications and brands.

Prevent infringements with proper copyright management

Copyright information, usage rights, usage terms, credit and license certificate details can all be stored with your digital assets in WoodWing Assets. When browsing content in WoodWing Assets for use in a publication that you’re making in WoodWing Studio, you can now check copyright information on the fly. This type of information is very important, as it helps to avoid copyright infringements.


There are multiple ways to enter copyright information:

  • When importing images from external parties into WoodWing Assets, copyright information often is already included or can be added during import.
  • When adding material created and owned by the user, copyright information can be added manually.

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