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Diamond Partner


Orchestrating of content creation and publishing processes is becoming an increasing challenge for publishers (corporate and non-corporate) and brands. This is caused by the enormously growing need for visual content, its ultimately daily use on all relevant media channels and the increasing complexity of processes.

Agility and speed of creation are an ultimate precondition for the speed of sometimes daily campaigns. Our committed and enthusiastic consultants are happy to take on the challenge of helping you speed up the creation and publication processes of your organization.

We do this by orchestrating all facets of content – from asset management, product data management to automated layout – into one coherent and balanced process.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience – gained from publishers, brands, trade associations, governments and agencies – and are happy to help you get a grip on your processes.

By customizing and ultimately managing an integrated software platform, based on Woodwing software, for you, we ensure that you can fully focus on the 24/7 creation and publishing of your online and offline brand experiences.

Qonqord is committed to various industries, including:

Retail & Wholesale, advertising agencies, Publishers of newspapers & magazines, Educational Publishers, Industry and member organisations, knowledge centres, museums, governments, culture.

Note: QonQord is a merger (2022) of two companies: Graphit bv and PubliQare bv.

Clients include

  • DPG
  • Bonnierförlagen
  • WPG
  • Impresa
  • European Parliament
  • Porto Editora

Witte Kruislaan 55a
1561 AK Hilversum


Jeroen Goemans - NETHERLANDS
+31 (0)6 45 14 24 98

Ronald Leusink - NETHERLANDS
+31 (0)6 46 81 48 64

Joris De Meurichy - BELGIUM
+32 (0)4 72 58 30 63

Hans Fermont - PORTUGAL
+31 (0)6 41 42 35 56


Gold Partner

Lab9 Grafics

Lab9 Grafics will offer you the knowledge, products en services to improve your graphic production process by means of the ISO graphic standards. Between the idea of the client and the result, there are different production processes that need to be well-matched. We offer you the best products and solutions. 
Online Grafics is a certified reseller for Adobe, Apple, Epson, Xerox, GMG, Enfocus, WoodWing, Wacom, Eizo, etc.

Clients include

  • Claerhout NV
  • Drukkerij en Uitgeverij Halewijn NV
  • Gicom BVBA
  • ING Belgie

Dumolinlaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk


Silver Partner

Heymans & Vanhove

Heymans & Vanhove is your "one-stop solution partner" dedicated to your communication and publishing needs. Our departments are specialized in its own domain and our experts have years of relevant experience.


Karel Lodewijk Dierickxstraat 36
9000 Ghent


Silver Partner


VALKE.NET media helpt Creatieven, Marketing-, Sales- en Communicatiemensen met softwareoplossingen die het werk écht makkelijker maken.

Clients include

  • Dynamoo
  • International Merchandising, Promotion & Services
  • Inpladi
  • Caplan

Processiestraat 18
3583 Paal-Beringen


Gerard Valkenet
011 22 82 88

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