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Silver Partner


ABeam Consulting. Ltd

ABeam is a global counsulting firm based in Asia. We provide integrated services - from the creation of strategies that are well-balanced in terms of maximizing corporate value, competitive superiority, feasibility and viability, to the realization of those strategies.

As a leading management consultancy in Japan, ABeam's success in Japan also propelled its growth worldwide. In less than five years, ABeam has more than doubled in size, with more than 4,000 professionals serving more than 700 clients throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.


Postal Code 100-0005
MarunouchiEirakuBuilding, 1-4-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo


Toru Takarabe
+81 80 2144 5644
Masato Chiba 
+81 80 2080 1552
Yoshihito Sato 
+81 80 2132 9311
Yasuhiro Shibazaki 
+81 80 2347 6450

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