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You like to be served in your own language and time zone. Our worldwide network of authorized solution partners is there to help you with advice, analysis, implementation, integration, training and support.

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WoodWing LATAM special division

The WoodWing LATAM special division can help you analyze your current situation, propose improvements, assist with product recommendations, and help execute implementation projects in collaboration with one of our local partners. Feel free to reach out, to learn how publishers, brands, marketers, and creative agencies can reduce costs, shorten time-to-market and develop new revenue streams.

Woodwing LATAM special division está diseñada para atenderlo de manera local y en su idioma para asistirlo con las mejores recomendaciones y buenas prácticas del mercado. 
Siéntase a gusto de contactarnos y en menos de 24hs nos comunicaremos con usted.  
Estamos para contarles cómo reducir sus costos y ganar eficiencia en verticales como editores de libros / prensa,  agencias de creatividad, corporaciones,  marcas, teams de marketing y otros mas.

Clients include

Asociados Home Depot, S.A.De C.V.
Banco Central de Chile
Copesa S.A.
Ediciones SM
Editora do Brasil S/A
Editora Peru S.A.
Milenio Diario SA
Servicios Corporativos BAL, S.A. de C.V.
Siderca SAIC
Supermercados Internacionales HEB, S.A.


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Perception Group SAC

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