WoodWing helps publishers and brands scale for the future of digital content creation with Elvis DAM 6

Latest version of Digital Asset Management solution optimizes digital asset workflows to speed up go-to-market and addresses ever-growing asset volumes


Amsterdam, 20 July 2017 - WoodWing Software, global industry leader in content creation software, introduces Elvis DAM 6. The latest version of Elvis DAM - WoodWing’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution – helps publishers, brands and advertising agencies to speed up their creation process and publish content faster. It also addresses the need to scale along with the growing volumes of digital assets in the world of digital content creation.

Since its launch, Elvis DAM has provided its customers with improved ways to create, manage, reuse and share their assets. For its users, Elvis DAM has become an indispensable tool in the workflow processes.

Times are challenging, but interesting for both publishers and brands,” says Jan de Roos, CEO of WoodWing. “Publishers need to produce appealing content more efficiently to remain competitive. The market is tight but quality content - published quickly - is a game-winner for them. Brands face similar challenges in the fight for the attention of the consumer: they have to produce more digital marketing material, and at the same time, ensure brand consistency.

The Rise of DAM
Rich, digital content is playing an ever-increasing role in the battle for attention and relevancy with the audiences of publishers and marketers. Because of this, smart Digital Asset Management is becoming increasingly important in the content creation process. Not only is the amount of digital assets growing, but so is the number of platforms where these digital assets are used. DAM offers an integrated, single repository which helps publishers, brands and advertising agencies to efficiently work with the right assets and re-use it across multiple channels and systems.

Publish content faster
With Elvis DAM 6, WoodWing takes a major leap to support these trends moving forward. Elvis DAM 6 offers a tight integration with Adobe CC. This helps in centralizing designs and automatically keeps track of design versions, thereby speeding up the production processes.

To support faster image importing and improved searchability, Elvis DAM 6 now supports auto-tagging through integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) services like Google Vision, Clarifai and Amazon Rekognition.

Solving growing asset volumes through scalability
Elvis DAM 6 uses ElasticSearch, which optimizes search for its users. Elastic – used by Ebay, Facebook and Wikipedia – can effectively deal with enormous amounts of assets. Furthermore, Elvis DAM 6 is infinitely scalable and ranges from small set-ups to high-performance clusters. Search, processing and storage components can all be scaled independently.

DAM integrated in the technology ecosystem
Elvis DAM 6 introduces a new Event API to its already rich set of integration capabilities. This enables live integrations with any marketing or publishing platform, ensuring data consistency and fluent distribution of digital assets across all channels. Single sign-on (SSO) support was added to allow users to login once to access all of their applications. Elvis DAM 6 has passed security tests performed by ethical hackers, ensuring optimal security of digital properties.

WoodWing Elvis DAM 6 is available starting today via WoodWing’s authorized Solution Partner Network. Elvis DAM 6 is available on premise and as private cloud deployment.

About WoodWing
Based in Amsterdam, WoodWing Software is a recognized thought leader in the field of content creation software. The company has set itself the goal to excel in providing publishers, big brands and agencies with solutions that will enable large teams to efficiently work together on creative processes, within systems that are easy to manage.

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