WoodWing Software integrates Elvis DAM with TruEdit and vjoon K4

Detroit, MI / Amsterdam, The Netherlands (March 31, 2015) – WoodWing announced today that its digital asset management solution, Elvis DAM, can now be integrated with either MEI’s cloud-based workflow solution TruEdit™ or the cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. The new integration enables content creators using one of these systems to significantly increase the efficiency of the their production processes. According to WoodWing, integrations with other systems are essential to increase the ROI of digital asset management.


WoodWing´s digital asset management solution Elvis DAM can now be integrated with MEI’s TruEdit™ platform and the cross-media publishing system vjoon K4®.


Customers who use TruEdit or vjoon K4 as their editorial workflow solution can now have access to Elvis DAM’s comprehensive asset management capabilities right from within their workflow. With Elvis DAM’s support for up to a billion files to be managed, searched and shared, the integration helps customers to locate and use their digital assets immediately, allowing for work to be done much more efficiently.

Elvis DAM, TruEdit and vjoon K4 have a proven reputation of being integral to print and digital publishing processes. This new integration enables seamless connectivity between the solutions allowing for assets managed in Elvis DAM to be used in TruEdit or vjoon K4 projects, while retaining the link to the asset within the DAM. Just as important is the end-of-workflow archiving, which is enhanced through the delivery of the assets of finalized projects along with their rights-management information and other metadata to WoodWing Elvis DAM for future repurposing for additional projects and channels.

We’re excited that users of TruEdit and vjoon K4 will be able to take advantage of the rich feature set in Elvis and incorporate it tightly with their work-in-progress workflow,” said Brett Kizner, MEI’s director of product management. “TruEdit and vjoon K4 users now have a compelling solution to integrate two key parts of the content development lifecycle.”

Integrations with other solutions including CRM, CMS, PIM, creative applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and publishing systems including our own solution Enterprise and now TruEdit and vjoon K4 are crucial when it comes to exploit the ROI of digital asset management,” said Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “According to our best-of-breed approach and leveraging the open architecture and the versatile API of Elvis DAM, we will offer a variety of integrations with 3rd party solutions in the fields of publishing, content marketing and marketing automation.”

On its Web site, WoodWing offers a white paper “Building a Business Case for Digital Asset Management”, which also covers the relevance of integrations.

In November 2014, WoodWing announced that they established a partnership with MEI to market Elvis DAM in North America, allowing their software to expand its presence in the United States and Canada. MEI developed TruEdit as a workflow solution for customers who use Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, the Digital Publishing Suite and other industry-leading tools.

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