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Create, collaborate, approve and publish to EVERY channel - with WoodWing Studio’s effortless creative workflows.

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Digitally transform your content supply chain for maximum efficiency, agility and productivity - print and digital publishing made easy.


Empower colleagues to collaborate and deliver their best creative work - freed from lots of manual tasks - with content creation software.

Every channel

Prepare channel-neutral content that’s ready to simultaneously publish to print and/or digital channels - to any owned or third-party platform.

Go multichannel with the right publishing software

The secret weapon powering publishers and brands worldwide - WoodWing Studio (formerly Enterprise Aurora)

Your customers are insatiable. They want content that’s on-brand, on-demand, and on every channel. How are you going to keep up?

  • Create a seamless end-to-end workflow - from ideation to publication - whatever the channel
  • Write, edit, design, approve and publish from a single content creation software system
  • Boost efficiency by publishing to print and digital channels from a single system
  • Design faster with best-in-class integration with Adobe InDesign
  • Slash production times with automation - making time for creativity and strategy
  • Speed up approvals with task reminders, synchronous feedback, and audit trails

Whether your team collaborates on stories for print and digital publishing or is solely focused on online content, WoodWing Studio’s flexibility offers endless workflow possibilities.

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Accelerate your entire content supply chain



Bottlenecks are a thing of the past with predefined workflows, task reminders, personalised dashboards, and automation.



Video files, Adobe InDesign layouts, images, copy… all content is stored, managed and accessed in one place.



Input copy, images and video directly and watch them format responsively for print, mobile, tablet and the web.



Template-based automation places your chosen content into pre-designed layouts for both digital and print media.



Inbox notifications, annotations and sticky notes let teams communicate and collaborate in a single powerful system.



Integrate easily with DAM, CMS and Adobe design tools for faster design and publishing processes.

Customize with 100s of powerful integrations

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf integrations. Customize WoodWing Studio with bespoke integrations that support your unique use case. Build integrations in-house or draw on the expertise of our global partner network.

WoodWing Studio connects to hundreds of adjacent tech tools through our advanced integration platform, WoodWing Connect, including a seamless integration with our digital asset management solution, WoodWing Assets.

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Acknowledged by top organizations

Woodwing has been recognized as one of the notable vendors in Forrester's CMS landscape report.

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WoodWing Studio can help you…

Create once, publish everywhere

Create and assemble copy and digital assets once - and let WoodWing Studio - our multichannel publishing software - prepare them for publication to any print or digital channel.

  • Create once, publish everywhere - including owed and third-party platforms
  • Simultaneously publish the same content to multiple digital and print channels
  • Responsive HTML5 format means your content looks great on any device



Accelerate production

Get to market faster thanks to streamlined end-to-end processes - encompassing every stage of the production process -  in a single content creation software system.

  • Standardized workflow covering editorial, design, approvals, and publishing
  • Templates, Adobe InDesign, and DAM integrations accelerate design
  • Task prompts, and online collaboration keep projects moving

Automate and add value

Automate unnecessary manual tasks to free up your staff for more strategic work - activities that elevate your content above the noise.

  • Streamline workflows and systems for higher productivity
  • Automate manual tasks to make more time for creativity
  • Focus on quality to differentiate and elevate your brand



Unlock ROI

Easily share, reuse and repurpose your content across your brands, platforms, and partner sites - to maximize content ROI from your print and digital publishing.

  • Store published content in your DAM for easy retrieval and reuse
  • Be ready for ‘the next big thing’ with flexible channel-neutral content
  • Leverage content reuse to create new monetized products across all channels

Deployment options of WoodWing Studio (formerly Enterprise Aurora)



WoodWing Studio is available as a SaaS multichannel content creation solution, running on our WoodWing Cloud.


Private cloud

All the benefits of the on-premise version, and you can outsource your IT architecture.



You have the ultimate flexibility for integrations and custom functionality.

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Accelerate your print and digital publishing workflows
With multichannel publishing software

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