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Smart Styles

Eliminate repetition. Experience creativity.

Designers have been appreciating WoodWing’s award-winning Smart Styles plugin for Adobe InDesign for more than a decade. Smart Styles puts powerful automatic formatting capabilities at their fingertips. They are released from the burden of repetitive formatting as well as updating tables when numbers change.


  • Make complex formatting easy
  • Insert formulas into tables and sort rows
  • Reduce boring, repetitive tasks
  • Save time by creating your own library
  • Create consistent formatting throughout your documents


Try Smart Styles for free for 30 days

Curious how much time you can save – or spend on creative tasks rather than boring stuff? Try Smart Styles for Adobe InDesign and InCopy and find out today!

Once you get started, you'll soon understand why Smart Styles received the prestigious Creative Mac award, and why MacAddict rated it “Awesome” and “Editor’s Choice.”

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Smart Styles - Introduction video

Define and apply styles via drag-and-drop

The Smart Styles plug-in is here to help save time on mind-numbing tasks like repetitive formatting. Follow these two steps:

1. Define your Smart Style. This is as simple as dragging a formatted page element into a Smart Styles library. Smart Styles will analyze the formatting of the object, determining repeating patterns of style changes, and store the style.

2. To apply your formatting to another page item, simply drag-and-drop from the library onto the object(s) and you're done!

Share, update and reuse formatting

Smart Styles’ intelligent programming recognizes complex structures within tables, texts and other objects and does all the hard work for you. And, if you decide to modify a Smart Style that's already been applied, the entire document can be updated in a simple step.

Smart Styles are stored in one or more InDesign libraries which can be shared with other users. And because text styles and swatches used by Smart Styles are automatically created when they are not available in the document, sharing and reusing styles is just a breeze.

Smart Styles - Advanced video


Add spreadsheet functions to InDesign tables

Smart Styles doesn’t stop at formatting. It can also help you by adding formulas to InDesign and InCopy tables and by sorting rows. You can use formulas such as Sum, Round, and Average to calculate totals, and use up to three sort criteria according to your specific language requirements.


Smart Styles is available in the following languages

Brazilian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.