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Content creation

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Quicker content creation

Get to market quicker than ever - and than competitors - with your fastest and most efficient content workflows.


Better channel coverage

Reach more customers on more channels with simultaneous publishing to multiple channels - digital content and print.


Lower content costs

Work more efficiently for lower costs. Produce more content with the same headcount. Or scale up production without growing staff numbers.

Content creation challenges

Efficient content creation is a business-critical challenge. Demanding consumers expect on-brand content across multiple touchpoints. Research shows that the more channels you master, the more sales you make. But creating content at scale isn’t easy.

Key challenges in content creation include:

  • The expectation of omnichannel content (and penalties for not providing it)
  • Dysfunctional content creation processes that aren’t fit for purpose
  • Siloed systems that make content production inefficient and expensive
  • Out-dated collaboration methods that create friction and frustration
  • Balancing print and digital content creation without duplicating effort
  • Channel-specific content that can’t be easily repurposed
  • Scaling creative content output without scaling inefficiencies


Failing to scale your creative content processes?

We have the answer…

Fail to scale your content creation and you’re leaving money on the table - through missed opportunities to boost brand awareness, loyalty and sales.

If you’re struggling to keep up with customer content demands, it’s time to review your production processes from the ground up.

Redesign them around fit-for-purpose software and you’ll be able to create higher quality, high volume content, faster than ever before.

(Or you can keep struggling with unfit content production processes that let your competitors get ahead…)


Simplify and scale your content creation with WoodWing

One content team. A single streamlined system. Simultaneous content production for every channel.

  • Accelerate your time to market with faster, more efficient content production processes
  • Meet customer demand for omnichannel content - without exhausting your resources
  • Improve CX by consolidating different content producers into a single dream team
  • Stay on-brand - at scale - with self-serve access to brand assets, plus approval workflows
  • Monetize your historic content with circular content lifecycle management
  • Unlock time, resource and cost savings - to protect profit margins or reinvest in growth

100s of innovative brands have transformed their content creation with WoodWing

Content creation for Agencies

Content creation for Agencies

How Argyle improved collaboration ensuring accuracy and compliance in regulatory reporting

Content creation for Publishers

Content creation for Publishers

How Aller Media creates beautiful responsive content for perfect display on any device

Content creation for Brands

Content creation for Brands

Fratelli Carli gets ready for another century of customer-centric communication

Streamline with content orchestration

Adopt the content orchestration approach to streamline how you create content - to reduce systematic inefficiencies and increase ROI.

  • Get all content creators collaborating in a single system
  • Empower them with fit-for-purpose tools, workflows and automation
  • Break down siloed team structures that duplicate and delay work

Read more about our Content Orchestration philosophy



Embrace channel-neutral content creation

Combine all content creation into a single workflow. Create content ONCE and publish it to multiple platforms simultaneously.

  • Prepare channel-neutral content that’s automatically optimized for different platforms
  • Digital content creation and print content creation in a single workflow
  • Focus on storytelling and content quality - not where you’re going to publish it
  • Be ready for new channels with content that’s good to go, whatever the platform

Unlock new revenue and business models

Make published content instantly accessible for re-use and further monetization - through repurposing, syndication and more.

  • Digitize your archive to unlock new value from older content
  • Curate content into new products and for new platforms
  • Develop new business models based on opportunities unlocked by technology


What software do you need for multichannel publishing?

You don’t need a lot of new software for effective multichannel publishing. But certain types of tools are invaluable - particularly a Digital Asset Management system, multichannel publishing software, and design tools.

WoodWing has been supporting global brands to streamline and succeed with multichannel publishing for more than 20 years. Our suite of tools combines to create an empowering end-to-end publishing workflow - for EVERY channel.

WoodWing Assets

Digital Asset Management

Easily discover the perfect images, copy and content for every creative project.

Manage the full content lifecycle for easy content reuse and monetization.

Our powerful Digital Asset Management system makes every creative asset accessible in a couple of clicks - thanks to meaningful metadata, usage rights, and visual search results.

Discover WoodWing Assets >

WoodWing Studio

Multichannel publishing

Create, collaborate, approve and publish content to ANY channel with WoodWing Studio.

Seamless content workflows and automations for ultimate efficiency.

Our multichannel publishing solution comprises editorial, design and publication processes and automation - including best-in-class Adobe integration.

Discover WoodWing Studio >

WoodWing Connect

Integration made easy

Connect WoodWing solutions with adjacent technology to create a bespoke content hub.

Connect WoodWing tools Adobe CC, your CMS and more for friction-free creation.

Our integration platform provides tools to connect software for every unique use case - from no-code APIs to advanced tools for DevOps experts.

Discover WoodWing Connect >

What is channel-neutral content creation?

Channel-neutral publishing is an approach to content creation that doesn’t focus on a single publication channel - for example, a print publication or a specific digital platform. It’s about creating and formatting content ONCE, so that it can be easily published to MULTIPLE channels.

Channel neutral publishing software - like WoodWing Studio - lets creatives focus on producing high-quality content. It provides tools and workflows for perfecting the copy, selecting the ideal images, and getting the content approved. Then the software does the rest.

It automatically codes and formats all elements - headlines, body text, images, video - according to predefined criteria. So that your creative can click ‘publish’ and send the content to EVERY channel simultaneously, knowing it will be optimized to look great on ANY platform. It’s print and digital content production in a single workflow.

It’s ideal for businesses that need to produce more digital content, print content, social media content etc without increasing headcount or costs. It’s also perfect for businesses looking for greater agility to experiment with new platforms, with less upfront cost.

Watch this webinar for a real-life customer case >

What is content orchestration?

Content orchestration is a term used to describe the strategic management of content for maximum efficiency, productivity and profit. It is an approach that optimizes an organization's PPT (people, processes, and technology) to deliver digital transformation in content creation.

At WoodWing our definition of content orchestration is ‘People, processes and technology working seamlessly together - to plan, create, manage and distribute content - efficiently and profitably’. It’s about creating the most efficient content workflow possible - without ever compromising on quality.

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