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Manage, share and store your digital assets and content in one place
Overcome Brand Marketing challenges

Store and organize digital marketing files like product shots. Create and publish compelling digital content. Share digital material with offices, dealers and more.

Conquer Creative Agency challenges

Let clients review in-progress design work. Give your designers control over work versions. Give your clients easy access to the design work you created for them.

Beat Media and Publishing challenges

Store and repurpose your mushrooming collection of images, video and articles. Give your editorial team control over digital files. Easily create rich, responsive content that looks great on all devices.

Never fall behind the technology curve

Eliminate hassle thanks to ongoing background updates. Be sure you always meet the latest technology and industry standards.

WoodWing Cloud: the fastest, easiest way to reduce your costs

WoodWing Cloud offers marketers, creative agencies and media publishers a one-stop solution for digital content creation, production, archiving, distribution and analytics.

Hosted in the cloud rather than on-premise, it’s turnkey, flexible and scalable, offering all these benefits:

  • No hardware or implementation costs
  • Flexible licenses, adjustable monthly
  • No IT overhead
  • Ongoing updates
  • Unlimited data transfer and storage

WoodWing Cloud is ideal for small, medium and large enterprises.


    Various apps offer access to your online content.

WoodWing Cloud apps

The heart of WoodWing Cloud is an ultra-powerful content engine that hosts all your digital files. Using dedicated web apps, you can upload, find, manage, edit, produce and publish your content from any location. Even better, everyone involved can access the same content via every app.

WoodWing Cloud includes the following apps:

Elvis Cloud App

Digital Asset Management to ingest, select, edit, enrich, publish, share and collaborate on files such as video, images, presentations, layouts and much more.

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Inception Cloud App

Digital Content Creation tool. The easiest way to produce and publish rich, responsive content that will look great on any device.

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Proven technologies under the hood


WoodWing Cloud is built on our extensive experience in software development for content creation, management and publishing.

Key building blocks include:

  • ElasticSearch search engine technology, like that used by LinkedIn and Wikipedia
  • Media processing engine that renders previews and extracts metadata for any file type
  • Business logic/workflow to make the creation and collaboration process more efficient
  • Analytics to provide real-time insight into asset usage, content popularity and more