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WoodWing solutions have always been designed to be customized through integrations. WoodWing Connect – our umbrella term for the numerous integration options available – empowers customers to create a best-of-breed solution, and helps them optimize their content creation processes.

WoodWing Connect goes beyond APIs, webhooks and plugins. It also encompasses integration options with hundreds of applications through a best-in-class iPaaS solution, vastly extending the connectivity of our core applications, WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio.

Why WoodWing Connect?


Most integrations in the industry

Connects with most applications in the industry used by hundreds of customers.


Global partner network

Specialists around the world can help you to connect with WoodWing.


No integration limits

Integrate with as many applications as you need for your processes.

Integration options

Connect with hundreds of apps

WoodWing Connect lets you integrate your WoodWing applications with hundreds of applications through the best-in-class iPaaS solution (powered by Workato).



Customized integrations

Our APIs, webhooks and plug-ins let you connect almost everything you need with WoodWing solutions to customize your workflow and content creation processes.

Tried and tested WoodWing integrations

Our Authorized Solution Partners have built hundreds of integrations for customers. A selection of them can be found on this dedicated website.


Integrations in action


AI Image Tagging


Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich your images with metadata tags. Via the integration of WoodWing's DAM with Clarifai you can batch-tag existing (and backlogged) archives or select asset collections for tagging within categories (specialized models) like food, celebrity, landmarks and more.

Read more on the site of Clarifai

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AI Image Tagging

Google Cloud Vision AI

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging that helps enrich your images with metadata tags. From label detection, landmark detection, character recognition and more - you can easily tag broad sets of objects in your images when integrated with WoodWing's DAM.

Read more on the site of Google

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AI Image Tagging

Amazon Rekognition

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich images with metadata tags. Search, verify, and organize millions of images via the Amazon Rekognition integration. Detect objects, scenes, and faces in images and compare faces, recognize celebrities, and identify inappropriate content.

Read more on the site of Amazon

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Adobe Creative Cloud

The power of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is now combined with easy to use file management in WoodWing's Digital Asset Management solution. Simply open InDesign and Photoshop layouts straight from our DAM's web client, and drag ‘n drop images into your layout space. All edits made to your layout, and to your images, are automatically saved as versions in your digital asset management solution. And you don’t have to save files locally to edit them.

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Content Management System


With our plugin for WordPress, your digital asset management solution will appear as a media-browser in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor of WordPress. Search and browse for digital assets in the DAM from Wordpress, and place them straight into your article or web page.



Enfocus Switch

When combining the Integrated Enfocus Switch with WoodWing's DAM, you’re creating a flexible automation platform that’s easy to configure. Operations like image edits, uploads/downloads, routing files to other systems and more are now easily automatable.

Read more on the site of Enfocus


Project & Task Management 


Planning is an integral part of storytelling processes. Where Wrike is built for task and project management, WoodWing Studio is built to create content, manage workflows, and publish. WoodWing Assets is designed to manage and share digital assets.

Both WoodWing applications can be integrated with Wrike to help organizations to begin story planning in Wrike, move seamlessly into the content production processes in WoodWing Studio, and track progress and sign-off on each step while using Wrike and WoodWing Assets to manage tasks related to the creation of graphics and images. 

Read more on the site of Wrike

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Content Management System


With WoodWing Studio you can benefit from a content-first workflow. Create and assemble your digital article using the power of WoodWing Studio. Via the integration to the Drupal CMS, you can easily publish your article to your web environment to create landing pages, add stories and more.


Automated image enhancement

Elpical - Claro

Claro intelligently tones and enhances images for all of your publishing requirements, automatically. Reducing the demands upon your photoshop team, Claro integrates seamlessly with Woodwing's editorial production systems including WoodWing Studio and WoodWing Assets, providing exceptional looking images simply and transparently to the creation process. Claro enables the editorial and advertising teams to focus on what they do best – creating great content.

Claro is in daily use by publishers around the world from North America’s largest newspaper groups to Europe’s greatest magazine brands as well as multi-national retailers and automotive manufacturers.

See what Claro can do for your images.

Product: Claro


Automated image enhancement

One Vision 

One Vision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software solutions for the printing, publishing and media industries. The company's product portfolio ranges from software for prepress to tools for intelligent color management and image optimization, to products for digital publishing. 
Easily integrate One Vision’s technology to WoodWing’s Enterprise workflow management system, to benefit from an efficient and cost-effective editorial and print publication process. 

Products: Amendo and Workspace Pro X

Catalog Publishing


WoodWing integrated with EasyCatalog helps you produce catalogs faster by having all your product images and descriptions stored in one place. EasyCatalog manages your catalog templates and then automatically generates the catalog pages with your images and descriptions placed in the right spot.

Read more on the site of 65bit

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Automated Text Tagging


The integration of WoodWing's DAM with OpenCalais allows for automatic tagging of your text-based documents saved in Microsoft Word, Adobe InCopy or PDF format. Added to that, the entity and topic metadata creates a greater search experience by making your documents more focused and contextual.

Read more on the site of Thomson Reuters - powered by Calais


PDF Output Automation

axaio - MadeToPrint

MadeToPrint seamlessly integrates into WoodWing Studio for a status-based automated output from within Woodwing’s publishing system. axaio solutions are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies, prepress service providers and packaging companies all over the world. axaio software actively supports international PDF standards and is a member of the PDF Association.

Read more on the site of axaio


Publication & Resource Planning

Dataplan -  JournalSuite

Planning future issues of magazines/newspapers is the core expertise of Dataplan. Its state of the art JournalSuite is the ideal solution for any publisher to place layouts along with advertising in all publishing channels. The key module JournalDesigner provides everything necessary to efficiently create new revisions and control workflows.

It is seamlessly interfaced with all versions of Woodwing Studio, Adobe InDesign, and a vast variety of ad booking systems. Additional modules like Classified Pagination, Topic Planning or Advert Management can handle ad reservations or deal with classifieds. Many well-known publishers across the globe use JournalSuite successfully for many years.

Read more on the site of Dataplan




The integration of WoodWing Assets with 2imagine makes the process of creating local-market materials – that always meet global brand standards – seamless. When editing marketing content in 2imagine, simply browse for the right logos and images to use in your designs and eliminate using the wrong ones in only a few clicks.

Read more on the site of 2Imagine


Stock images

WoodWing Assets can provide centralized access to Shutterstock content, to speed up your creative workflows and visual storytelling. This integration with one of the leading global providers of stock photography, footage and more, allows you to access millions of high-quality Shutterstock images directly from WoodWing Assets, and store them with all relevant metadata in your DAM.

Read more on the site of Shutterstock


Editorial Planning


Desk-Net is a powerful content planning tool with an editorial calendar at its core. It can be integrated with WoodWing Studio to optimize your content planning and content creation processes. 

Read more on the site of DESK-NET


Text Proofing Solution


Tansa Systems has delivered its Text Proofing Solution to media companies since 1995 enabling them to reduce errors and ensure consistency in printed and online documents. Customers include The Financial Times, The Telegraph Media Group, Seattle Times, PostMedia, Promedia, Aftenposten, The Economist, Aller and Hjemmet Mortensen.
The Text Proofing System is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Read more on the site of Tansa




The Group TELL-TK SOLUZIONI-ALLIGA MEDIA, located in Milan & Paris, works since 1992 for Publishers by optimizing processes through services & solutions like TIMONE System, a leading tool for planning advertizing & editorial contents of magazines, books and newspapers, seamlessly integrated with legacy systems and content production & publishing platforms like WoodWing.

New solutions are progressively released by the Group to fully satisfy the needs of Publishers & Marketing Departments of companies. New print subscriptions management platform & artificial intelligence-based tools available.

Products: TIMONE System, Glass Performance Monitoring, Peppers

Read more on the site of TELL


Product Content Distribution


Syndy is a solution for medium and large companies, with multinational operations, to take control of their products across the e-commerce channel.

In a unique and innovative way, Syndy uses its platform to connect manufacturers with online retailers to help them run their businesses more simply and efficiently. Through the creation of optimal product content pages across retailer websites and real-time online store checks, manufacturers are empowered to make smarter decisions about their product performance online.

Read more on the site of Syndy




Communicate and collaborate on collections stored in WoodWing Assets via Slack. The integration between WoodWing and Slack enables teams to easily preview and communicate on visuals in your preferred communication tool.

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Do you publish to a variety of geographical locations? Then chances are you need to manage multilingual content for localization. Trados, a powerful and flexible translation tool, can be incorporated into your WoodWing Studio ecosystem to instantly increase your localization productivity.

Read more on the site of Trados


Enterprise Content Buying Platform

Enterprise Content Buying platform can be integrated with our digital asset management solution. offers an Enterprise Content Buying platform for marketers, art buyers and editors to easily search, find, and purchase images, videos, and other content types from all major content sources like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock and others based on your own contracts.

Read more on the site of

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AI auto-tagging


Making the media industry data-driven

Based on direct demands from the media industry, our auto-tagging service creates a high-quality metadata foundation and offers a truly tailored readership optimization solution for all your needs in whatever language you choose to write in. We developed our semantic AI solution from scratch, using the latest research in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and AI, in close collaboration with media companies to ensure an ideal fit.

Read more on the site of iMatrics

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German-language spell check

EPC - Duden Korrektor

The EPS Consulting & Software GmbH offers a German-language spell-checking tool, called Duden Korrektor. EPC's tool can be used as the ideal Germam-language correction tool and it can also be integrated with WoodWing Studio.

Read more on the EPC


French-language spell check


Éditions Diagonal offers a French-language spell-checking tool, called ProLexis, that can be integrated with WoodWing Studio. ProLexis is a reliable tool for French-language corrections that is very easy to use.

Read more on the ProLexis


Enterprise-grade Document Comparison


Draftable offers Enterprise-grade Document Comparison for WoodWing clients.  It’s for teams who manage large workflows of documents where they need to find important changes quickly  – think company reporting, IRS/tax documentation, health insurance policies, contract updates, and more. Draftable helps these teams drive huge time savings, increase accuracy and reduce risk. Integration is simple through our REST API which is already in use in major corporations and government agencies around the globe. 

Read more at the site of Draftable

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Plugin for Adobe InDesign & InCopy by WoodWing

Smart Styles

Designers have been appreciating WoodWing’s award-winning Smart Styles plugin for Adobe InDesign for more than a decade. Smart Styles puts powerful automatic formatting capabilities at their fingertips. They are released from the burden of repetitive formatting as well as updating tables when numbers change. 

Find more about Smart Styles


Integration for Adobe InDesign & InCopy by WoodWing

Studio for InDesign and InCopy

Studio for InDesign and InCopy is a powerful workflow solution aimed at publishing environments where Adobe InDesign and InCopy drive production. It allows designers to work on a layout while editors write content—simultaneously. One can even assign different stories from one page to separate editors. Editors have the ability to see how their copy will rest on the designed page. The easy-to-use interface is one of its very much appreciated features while its open architecture allows quick and flexible integration with a variety of platforms and systems.

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