About WoodWing


WoodWing Software is a global market leader in everything to do with multichannel publishing and digital asset management software. We enable brands, marketers, creative agencies and publishers to increase quality, reduce costs, shorten time-to-market and develop new revenue streams and to realize the full potential of their content.


Leading portfolio of products

Our multichannel publishing solution, Enterprise, and Elvis DAM system for digital asset management, optimize the process of creating, managing, sharing and distributing content. Inception makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create responsive content for mobile devices. And then there’s the WoodWing Cloud. By tying together our Enterprise, Elvis DAM, and Inception offerings, the WoodWing Cloud is a single-source solution for fast, flexible and cost-effective content creation, production, archiving, distribution and analytics.


Global support and resources

As well as having offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, we work closely with over 80 partners in more than 100 countries. We are a long-standing Adobe Technology Partner and we collaborate with a large number of other technology vendors worldwide.

Open technologies and easy integration

Based on our philosophy of helping our customers deliver content anytime, anywhere, in any format, WoodWing supports the use of open, proven technologies. Our solutions have open architectures that enable simple, easy integration in any environment and with any third-party application.

Household names and rising stars

The result is that today thousands of companies trust us to help them stay competitive, leverage new opportunities and grow their business. It’s something we are immensely proud of. Why not join them?