Newspaper Publishing


Newspaper Publishing

Transform your newsroom from siloed to streamlined with WoodWing. Unlock new digital processes, products, and revenue.


Digital subscriptions leading source of revenue for newspaper publishers

Digital subscriptions are the largest source of income for many newspaper publishers today - including the Financial Times and New York Times.



  • Reach new readers with digital issues for mobile and tablet
  • Boost your bottomline with popular digital-only subscriptions 
  • Introduce automation for system efficiencies and cost savings 
  • Syndicate content with platforms like Apple News+
  • Collect and leverage first-party data to increase engagement and ad revenue
  • Unify your newsroom into a single streamlined system



  • Consolidating print and digital teams into a more operationally efficient workflow
  • Successfully developing digital products bringing them to market fast
  • Accessing and mobilizing archived content to increase your subscription offer
  • Quickly mobilizing content for new platforms and syndication opportunities
  • Designing beautiful, responsive digital products - when you’re experts in print!

Seize the digital publishing opportunity to boost your bottomline with digital products and value-adding subscriptions.

Newspaper publishing success stories

Der Spiegel

How one of Germany’s largest news publications increased workflow efficiency with WoodWing.

El Comercio

How Peru’s daily newspaper publisher and #1 web traffic generator implemented a unified newsroom.

Neue Luzerner Zeitung

How Swiss newspaper - Neue Luzerner Zeitung - achieved unprecedented levels of automation.

Introducing Content Orchestration for newspaper publishers

The most efficient way to manage multichannel content


Newspaper publishers can accelerate their digital strategy using WoodWing software for content orchestration. 

Content orchestration is when people and tools are optimized to work seamlessly together. It helps busy teams to plan, create, manage and distribute content - profitably and effectively.

For newspaper publishers it can mean 

  • Leveraging the most cost-efficient ways to create new digital content
  • Seizing the direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital publishing opportunity
  • Digitally transforming production with advanced publishing technology

Learn more about Content Orchestration

Fast and flexible content creation


Streamline systems

Create, edit and approve copy for every channel, then send it to production all in the same system.


Design in half the time

Auto-populated design templates, built-in editing tools, and seamless integration with Adobe InDesign.


Master multichannel

Reduce time, effort, and resources needed for content creation for print and digital channels.


Cut costs, not corners

Mundane and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past thanks to WoodWing Studio’s process automation.


Increase quality

More efficient workflows save time and money, freeing staff to focus on creativity and quality control.

Unify your newsroom

Create a single unified newsroom - seamlessly publishing to print, web, app and digital products. Increase speed and agility, and reduce duplication, inefficiency, and cost.

  • Consolidate siloed teams into a single unit, able to work across any brand or platform
  • Write a great story once and stream it effortlessly to print, online, or digital channels
  • Reduce duplicated work and improve resource utilization across titles



Share news faster

Daily news means daily deadlines. Reduce stress and ship faster with a single streamlined system that makes collaboration, editorial, design, and production easier. For example

  • Content progresses automatically from one contributor to the next on task completion
  • Automatically place copy and media into templates for print and digital channels
  • Instantly apply intelligent image crops and convert media to correct tech specs

Build your brand

Digital content lets publishers deepen their relationship with readers. From using analytics to understand their preferences and recommend curated content, to tailoring ads to their interests. WoodWing makes it possible.

  • Save time with automation, to free up capacity for digital product development
  • Easily create ‘channel-neutral’ content that’s ready for digital channels AND print
  • Outsource digital product development to WoodWing’s experts to launch fast


Discover why workflow evolution is the key to your successful Direct-to-Consumer transformation

Based on interviews with digital publishing experts, this in-depth guide provides everything you need to know about the DTC opportunity and how to seize it.

Show me the way to DTC success

Join hundreds of publishers around the world excelling with WoodWing software and services

Global newspaper publishers use WoodWing software to produce hundreds of titles each year. And WoodWing digital publishing services are responsible for preparing a multitude of titles for Apple News+ and other digital outlets every month.


Meet publishers’ favorite WoodWing products


WoodWing Studio

Our editorial workflow solution empowers publishers, content agencies, and marketing teams of all sizes to create and publish content for digital and print channels. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and more.

(Note: WoodWing Studio was formerly known as Enterprise Aurora)

Learn more about Studio >


WoodWing Assets

Our digital asset management solution creates a ‘single source of truth’ for images, audio, video and more, making it easier for teams to find, share and use valuable assets in your creative projects.

(Note: WoodWing Assets was formerly known as Elvis DAM)

Learn more about Assets >

Works with all your productivity apps

WoodWing products integrate easily with the apps you already use and love

Let WoodWing’s experts show you how

Three simple steps - with support all the way

Step 1

Step 1

Contact one of our global network of WoodWing partners to learn how our software can optimize your workflow.

Step 2

Step 2

Review your current processes with their expert help and redesign new systems around WoodWing’s proven software.

Step 3

Step 3

Trust them with the implementation and get ready to revolutionize your content production processes.


Our services

  • Two complimentary software solutions, trusted by publishers worldwide
  • Worldwide network of implementation partners to support you from day one
  • 24/7 support that speaks your language

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