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Don't settle for off-the-shelf. Create your Digiital Asset Management system your way with 100s of powerful integrations.


Scale processes and production without increasing headcount - with Digital Asset Management software that grows with you.


Leverage the most value from your digital assets, processes and people with our global network of expert implementation partners.

Create more, convert more…

Improve your digital content management with our Digital Asset Management software

Your customers convert when they get more content. Scale up production without burning out your resources.

  • Centralize all of your digital assets for easier access and faster collaboration
  • Design faster with our best-in-class integration with Adobe CC
  • Automate workflows to win back WEEKS each year from manual tasks
  • Create and disseminate from tools you already use - for fast, friction-free processes
  • Discover and repurpose content from your archive to unlock additional value

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Centralize, secure and leverage your digital assets with a DAM system



Create a single source of truth for all digital assets to unlock cross-departmental collaboration and improve brand consistency.



Apply metadata to make digital assets discoverable and deployable in an instant. Make use of AI to recognize content and automatically tag assets.



Surface digital assets faster and easier than ever-before - to achieve faster time to market and unlock new opportunities from your archive.



Scale content production through process efficiencies, automation, and new working methods. Digital content management has never been easier.



Collaborate more effectively with your teams and contractors around the world - to leverage cost efficiencies and global talent.



Store, share, and protect your digital assets in a DAM with tight cybersecurity measures (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System).

Customize your DAM system with 100s of powerful integrations

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf integrations. Customize the WoodWing Assets Digital Asset Management system with tailor-made integrations that support your unique use case. Build integrations in-house or draw on the expertise of our global partner network.

WoodWing Assets is a DAM software that connects to hundreds of adjacent tech tools through our advanced integration platform, WoodWing Connect, including seamless integration with our multi-channel content creation solution, WoodWing Studio.

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Acknowledged by top organizations

MarketsandMarkets mentions WoodWing as a pervasive player in their evaluation of DAM key players.

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How WoodWing Assets can help you…

Accelerate your creation process

Edit your images and layouts directly from WoodWing Assets in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. WoodWing Assets keeps track of all your file versions, while allowing you to collaborate more effectively.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • Automated versioning
  • Collaborate on designs

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Simple and sophisticated file management

Finally you can find, organize and enrich all of your media files in one single place. Make sure that only the right people have access to the right files.

  • Metadata support
  • Folders and collections
  • Control permissions

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Share and distribute anywhere

Share your final materials with local offices, stores or partners using the WoodWing Assets Brand portal, and allow them to download the file they need, on-demand.

  • Brand portal
  • On-the-fly renditions
  • Publish anywhere

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WoodWing Assets has the most modern technology stack on the market today. It’s infinitely scalable and its REST and Webhooks APIs enable any integration scenario, like with WoodWing’s power combo; WoodWing Studio and WoodWing Assets.

  • Elasticsearch powered
  • Scalable platform
  • API’s ensure fit in technology landscape
  • Single sign-on support
  • Enterprise-grade security

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Deployment options of WoodWing Assets (formerly Elvis DAM)



WoodWing Assets is available as a SaaS digital asset management solution, running on our WoodWing Cloud.


Private cloud

All the benefits of the on-premise version, and you can outsource your IT architecture.



You have the ultimate flexibility for integrations and custom functionality.

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